Archaeological conservation

Archaeological conservation is a means of preserving not only objects discovered by archaeologists, but also the sites themselves and the information provided by an excavation. Conservation goes hand-in-hand with archaeology at every step of a project, from excavation to presentation. Applying conservation measures to help preserve the material culture brought to light by an archaeologist is not a matter of simply using common sense. It requires scientific knowledge, financial means, suitable infrastructures and qualified workers. Archaeological conservation plays an important role in all aspects of archaeology; its practice is not just the concern of the conservator, but of the entire archaeological community as well.

André Bergeron, Blandine Daux, Jean Dendy, Ariane Lalande, Kateri Morin and France Rémillard, conservators, atelier archéologie et ethnologie, Centre de conservation du Québec.

For more information on the work of the conservator, view the video:

André Bergeron : Restaurateur spécialisé en archéologie