The tools developed by the Archéo-Québec Network deal with two major topics that, despite being in two very different fields, are both closely related to the development of archaeology.

Archaeology and municipalities

In accordance with Québec’s Cultural Heritage Act, municipalities are required to do archaeological analyses before undertaking large-scale work on their lands. Archéo-Québec has published a guide that makes it easier to understand the process involved, presenting the whys and hows, as well as alternative solutions in the case that archaeological discoveries are made.

The Network makes this essential document available to all interested parties: Archéologie préventive. Guide pratique à l’intention des municipalités du Québec (in French only).

Archaeology and tourism

Taking part in an archaeology-related tourism experience evokes strong emotions. To sense the past through traces left by another human being who lived hundred or thousands of years ago is always a special moment. Archaeological sites with such remains and desiring to develop tours or activities can turn to Archéo-Québec for its experience in this field. We have prepared a guide that presents all the steps involved in creating such tourism experiences, with a view to obtaining accreditation.

The Network makes this document available to all interested parties: Guide de planification et de réalisation d’un ArchéoTour (in French only).

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