Archaeology in Québec

A revealing spotlight on our past

Québec archaeology sheds light on unknown pages of our history and prehistory – fascinating pages that deserve to be perused with care.

The archaeology carried out here emphasizes human aspects of the past, making it possible to reconstruct the environmental, economic, religious, social and political world of those who lived in this vast territory over the past 12 000 years or more!

Our archaeological heritage: a shared treasure

Archaeological sites are like archives in the ground, representing a direct link between today’s people and their past. These sites are an integral part of the cultural heritage of their region, the country and even the world. They’re our roots!

Did you know that there are over 9 000 known archaeological sites recorded in Québec? Unfortunately, several of them have been destroyed and continue to be destroyed as a result of urban development and energy projects. Archéo-Québec’s outreach work to heighten people’s awareness becomes all the more necessary in this context.

As places of memory and communal property, archaeological sites deserve to be respected and protected:

  • By their very nature they are fragile and non-renewable. Any disturbance compromises our ability to understand them and carry out archaeological analyses.
  • They contain unique information about our past and are of inestimable scientific value.
  • As witnesses to this past and the events that took place then, they have great symbolic value.
  • Finally, as places that can be interpreted in a way that addresses a wide public, they also have value in the fields of education, culture and tourism.