Archaeology Month

Archaeology Close Up throughout August!

Something for Everyone, with Over 100 Activities!

Every day, in every corner of Québec, fascinating archaeological experiences await you. Over 50 places, including several municipalities, offer entertaining, thought-provoking activities for both young and old. Here’s a chance to enjoy unique opportunities and make unexpected discoveries.

Nearly half of these activities are offered free of charge; all are readily accessible.

Over 10 000 Years to Discover, Right Beneath Your Feet!

Every place in the province has a history – a story that may go back thousands of years. Some sites even reveal the first human occupation of Québec some 12 000 years ago. Archaeology can lift the veil on the mysteries of this history.

Learn about these places and the often surprising secrets they hold.

In the Company of 40 Archaelogists and Specialists

Archaeologists love to work on a dig, but they also love to talk about their discoveries, hypotheses and conclusions. Forty archaeologists and specialists share the most exciting moments of their careers with you.

Satisfy your archaeological curiosity!

To discover