Québec has a rich archaeological heritage, covering at least 12 000 years. Did you know that, to date, over 9 000 archaeological sites have been recorded throughout the province? These sites bear witness to the continued presence of human beings, from the first Amerindians to populations of European origin.

Archaeology makes it possible for today’s researchers to document a past that would otherwise remain unknowable. The goal of archaeology is to reconstruct the human past through the scientific study and analysis of material remains and traces found on archaeological sites.

With this web portal, the Archéo-Québec network invites you to explore Québec archaeology and discover a fascinating universe. Through Archaeology Month and Archaeo-Tours, Archéo-Québec also offers a whole range of activities that are both ingenious and entertaining. The choice is yours! Happy discoveries!

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Digging the Past

Located in the Godefroy Ecological Park, "Digging the past" is an activity that closely simulates an archaeological dig near a site that has yielded pottery artifacts dating back 3 000 years. An original and educational way to discover the past, this activity offers various levels of difficulty,... Read more »


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