Québec has a rich archaeological heritage, covering at least 12 000 years. Did you know that, to date, over 9 000 archaeological sites have been recorded throughout the province? These sites bear witness to the continued presence of human beings, from the first Amerindians to populations of European origin.

Archaeology makes it possible for today’s researchers to document a past that would otherwise remain unknowable. The goal of archaeology is to reconstruct the human past through the scientific study and analysis of material remains and traces found on archaeological sites.

With this web portal, the Archéo-Québec network invites you to explore Québec archaeology and discover a fascinating universe. Through Archaeology Month and Archaeo-Tours, Archéo-Québec also offers a whole range of activities that are both ingenious and entertaining. The choice is yours! Happy discoveries!

Agenda of activities


Visit of the Kabir Kouba waterfall and Parc de la Falaise. Guided by our staff, visitors will discover the beauty of the waterfall and the archaeological heritage found in its surroundings, including the archaeological site of the remains of the old watermills. There is also and opportunity to learn about the fossils found in the walls along the waterfall.

A visit full of archaeological discoveries will brighten your day!

Chores day at the Seigneurie des Aulnaies!

Come to the Seigneurie des Aulnaies and participate to the farm chores! Scheduled for Earth Day, this full day of activities will allow you to discover the old pine forest and historic gardens, attend a conference presented by Ruralys, while children can take part in educational activities at the banal mill. Everyone is invited to the opening of the dam and the start of the mill wheel, with the largest bucket wheel that is still in operation in Quebec. A unique opportunity to experience baronial life...

Guided tour

Together with one of our guides, come to the discovery of the archaeological remains of the mills and hydroelectric power plant, located near the Kabir Kouba waterfall. Admire the breathtaking landscapes of the Saint-Charles river, and discover its fossils and other geological phenomena, its flora and fauna. A nice way to spend a beautiful and relaxing summer day.



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