Booking form for the pedagogical kits

To reserve an Edukit, to obtain an estimate of costs, or for further information about rental fees, please provide the information requested below.

Rental fees

Rental fees for educational institution  
Rental fee per kit/1 day​ $150


Rental fees for member sites, institutions and individuals Member Non-member
Rental fees per kit / 1 day​ (A weekend counts as 1 day)​ $100 $350
Rental fees per kit / 2 days​ $200 $450
Rental fees per kit / 3 days​ $300 $550
Rental fees per kit / 4-5 days​ $400 $650
Rental fees per kit / one week (Monday to Sunday) $500 $750
Rental fees per kit / two weeks $1 000 $1 250

The following fees apply to educational kit rentals by educational institutions as well as by member sites, organizations, institutions, businesses and individuals:

Services of an archaeologist-animator (1/2 day)​ $100
Services of an archaeologist-animator (full day) $200
Cost of shipping kit round-trip by Expédibus* (Varies between $30 and $100)
Round-trip cost of archaeologist travelling to school* km x $0.43
Archaeologist’s lodgings $125 per night **
(Expenses for meals may be added in certain cases)​

* Contact Archéo-Québec for an estimate of transportation costs.
** In cases where more than one day of activities is planned, it is possible to reduce travel expense fees with a package deal for lodgings.

Method of payment

Payment: cash or check (checks should be made out to Archéo-Québec)